Beverly Walker
Fiber Artist

Beverly Walker is an award-winning fiber artist in several mediums, currently specializing in two contrasting techniques…handwoven tapestries, and hand-painted silks.

Texture has become the hallmark of her tapestries. Through 16 years of tapestry weaving, her signature style has evolved from the traditionalist to the innovative, incorporating multiple animal, plant, and industrial fibers. While the content ranges between abstracted natural images and enhanced geometric designs, she prefers a textured surface acquired by varied fiber disciplines or added embellishments.

She challenges herself to perform the unusual, to stretch out of traditionalism to the contemporary. While joy comes to her from creating artful works, her great satisfaction comes from sharing tapestry techniques through the teaching of workshops.

Why these mediums? Bev says, “Tapestry weaving’s movement of yarns through one’s hands is a calming, sensory, tactile experience. This contrasts dramatically with the mental excitement of watching amazing chemical reactions from applying fiber-reactive dyes  and additives to silk.” Some days call for calmness;  some for pizzazz.

   Celebrating Fine Art Through Fiber 

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                        ~ Handpainted Silks ~ 
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